The term “re-design” in relation to a swimming pool renovation simply means in most instances “modernising”…

Re-design categories

  • Client needs and specifications
  • Architectural design enhancements
  • Practical and structural long term integrity
  • Re-designing your existing pool can be a very exciting experience…

Basic re-designing of a swimming pool could be merely replacing the old outdated coping, paving, and mosaics, or could encompass major structural changes to the shell itself.  

Whether you are considering a new pool shape to enhance architectural re-design, or adding a sundeck, or a cascading waterfall, or a complete renovation of a property – The Pool Renovators can offer you a range of re-design options and solutions.

Our design team will be able to assist you with an array of standard and custom-tailored swimming pool designs, taking into consideration the layout of your property, your desired views and other significant essentials.  

Once you have established the new design, our design team will discuss deck options, raised or connected spas, step locations and swim-outs, handrails, water-features and nozzles, as well as your pool equipment.  

From shapes and finishes to add-ons and combinations, we’re here every step of the way until you are relaxing in your new dream pool.