LED Lighting

  • Consumes less than 5% electricity of the standard globes
  • Provides longevity – the average lifespan of a globe is 10,000 hours
  • Provides mood changing colours

LED lighting is the easiest ways to enhance a pool’s appearance and produce a luxurious swimming pool.  It is most frequently used and capable of enlightening and entire pool with a broad spectrum of colours and light shows…the only restriction being your imagination.

The positioning of lights in your swimming pool is a crucial component to create the desired visual effect.  More than one light can be synchronised to give you your very own light show.

The Pool Renovators offer customers a veritable rainbow of colour through LED lighting, which uses microprocessors to control colour intensity and duration, limitless variations though either a single switch or a remote control.

Let’s light up the night and program virtually unlimited variations...