As opposed to the conventional ceramic tile, fibreglass mosaic is a special chemical ink printed on a C-class fibreglass tissue membrane.  Fibreglass mosaics eliminates the most common problems found namely, tiles falling off and grout degradation.

This system revolutionised the conventional problems that were experienced in a normal tile application scenario.  The mosaic motive is encapsulated into the fibreglass lining; this technique is apparent on yachts or speed boats e.g. the names or stripes.  It cannot be pulled off or be removed as it is not a stick-on mosaic application.

The smooth surface of this application technique contributes to an unproblematic maintenance of cleaning the dirt line (scum line) at water level.

When selecting your choice of mosaic, it is advised to consider the following:

  • Colour of the mosaic pattern
    • In order to hide the dirt line (scum line) at water level, consider a pattern with full colour or a darker colour to reduce regular cleaning of your mosaic at water level.
  • Fashion or trend
    • Ensure that the pattern you decide on does not put a date on the pool; the current fashion will be an old fashion in five years’ time.  In this instance, the saying “simple is better” applies.  When making your decision, take into consideration the ambience of the pool e.g. garden, house, etc.  Do no hesitate to contact one of our GRP (glass re-enforced plastic) technical advisors to assist you with these decisions.