Pool Covers


Saves money

Reduces energy consumption by sixty to eighty percent, thus saving real cash - day in and day out.

Conserves energy

A pool cover helps maintain the temperature in the pool, saving energy and conserving the environment, and at the same time eliminates evaporation or commonly known as water loss.

Prevents algae build up

Algae needs light to grow; with a pool cover the amount of light coming through is minimised, resulting in minimal to zero algae growth.  This contributes to a considerable reduction in chemical consumption and cost: thus it is not only good on the pocket but good for the environment too.


Different pool covers are designed for different purposes – not all the pool covers have safety features, however, a selected few can carry the weight of an average adult person.

There are many good reasons for choosing the ideal pool cover.  Every pool reflects the very personal wishes and ideas of its owner.  

All pool covers are tailor made to your personal requirements.


Depending what your requirements are, pool covers are manufactured locally and abroad – depending on your budget and reason for getting a pool cover.  

Pool covers range from R80 000 for a basic model to R300 000 for the top of the range and fully automated connected to a visual management system operated from you cell phone.  

It is very important to consider your personal wishes with regards to performance, design, athstetic appeal as well as the technical conditions on site before any decision can be make.

Call one of our technical advisors to find the perfect combination that will suit your requirements and needs.