New Pools

A new pool can provide the perfect backdrop of gathering a crowd or enjoying a little solitude.  Millions of families around the globe enjoy a variety of activities in their swimming pools.  

Splash around with family members on the spur-of-the-moment or celebrate birthdays at home, or entertain friends around the pool’s shimmering water at sunset.

Swimming is one of the best exercises for everyone, whether you have physical limitations, want to loose weight, or need to nurse an injury or protect stiff joints and fragile bones, and at the same time receive the benefits of cardiovascular exercise as you strengthen your muscles.

Our team of professionals can assist you from the very start of the process, and offer expert advice on the siteing of your pool, designing the area, construction and maintenance.

The Pool Renovators have over 34 years of experience operating as the swimming pool company of choice, the leaders in the industry, and use this knowledge and experience to ensure every project we complete will look magnificent and fulfil all your dreams.

Creating a dream swimming pool that lasts, it is vital to design the project in great detail, and this is where our team really stands out above the rest.  We take pride in the fact that to date every project satisfied and exceeded our clients’ requirements and expectations, and our workmanship is guaranteed as the best in the industry.  

We can provide expert advice on paving, coping, cladding, water features, LED lighting, mosaics, sundecks, chlorinators, pool covers, pool accessories, chemicals, heating solutions, and many more.

Imagine coming home after a long day, kicking off your shoes and stepping out your back door with your favorite cocktail – the stress will melt away the moment you hear the soothing water lapping and you see its glistering reflection from surrounding light.  

Whatever your reason for wanting a pool, The Pool Renovators’ experienced dedicated professionals will ensure satisfaction of mind.  We focus on getting the job done right so you can enjoy your swimming pool fully.