Koi Ponds

Building an attractive habitat for those beautiful fish we call “Living Jewels” differs from any other garden water feature and pool.

The ultimate is to have the magnificence of both a water garden and the distinct pleasure of a koi pond, where the plants can’t be disturbed by the fish but the fish can be viewed in all their beauty, unfettered by pots and plants.

To amplify the delight and pleasure of having a koi pond, the most critical characteristic of building a koi pod is where you put it; it must be evident and eye-catching all year round.  

Visualise walking to a window and being able to see into the pond and watch the kaleidoscope of colours as the fish swim in ever changing patterns.

Please do not hesitate to contact one of our technical experts for more information and assistance, we offer expert advise on design, water features, siting, size and depth, bottom drains, filtration, pond construction, heating and routine maintenance.

The Pool Renovators endeavour to assist our customers with expert advice and guidance; you only need to do it right once but you can get it wrong over and over.