Solar Heating

Eco-friendly - Energy saving – FUN!


  • One day installation
  • Zero operating costs
  • Hassle free operation
  • No additional electricity costs
  • Increase in water temperature
  • Heat generated up to twenty-eight degrees
  • Low maintenance as there are no moving parts
  • Environmentally friendly system with no emissions
  • Extended swimming season and increase enjoyment
  • Durable and high quality materials that are guaranteed

In South Africa we are blessed with an abundance of sunshine, so why swim in a cold pool and let all that energy go to waste.  Utilising free solar energy to heat swimming pool water, solar pool heating systems are the most economical and environmentally friendly systems available.

To achieve the desired water temperature, it is essential that the correct ratio of surface area of the swimming pool to the amount of panels are calculated for maximum efficiency – generally you need 60% of the pool surface area to be transferred to the solar panel surface to achieve a rise in temperature of between 5°C and 7°C.

These solar panels are usually installed on a building’s roof, in full sunlight, and the appropriate sized pool pump is installed for circulation of the water through to the solar panels and back to the heated pool.

Solar heating is by far the most cost-effective way of heating and the best for recreational purposes.  In addition to the average water temperature of between twenty-eight and thirty degrees, a solar blanket can also be installed to increase the water temperature and extend the swimming season.