High efficiency and cost-effective

Overall running costs of heat pumps are between sixty-five and eighty percent less than those of conventional heater technology.  The system works on low efficient electricity consumption, making it more economically viable than most other electrical heating systems.

Easy to install

Professional installation that is a quick and easy process with minimum interruption to the day.

Easy to operate

A digital control thermostat makes adjusting the temperature of the swimming pool water as easy as pushing a button.

Quality guaranteed

All products that are installed are manufactured to ISO standards and have been awarded the CE mark of approval.

Built to last

Pumps are made of corrosion resistant materials which are able to withstand South Africa’s harsh weather conditions.


It is the only reliable method to maintain the desired water temperature consistently, regardless of the weather conditions.


Rest assured that the heat pumps are extremely quiet and will not be of any disturbance.

Environmentally friendly

This system emits absolutely no exhausts that pollute the air – it extracts the heat from the air and transfers it to the pool.

The heat pump concept is recognised as one of the most economic methods of swimming pool heating.

An electrical heat pump is an extremely efficient economical machine designed specifically for pool heating.  It is similar in operation to that of a typical residential air conditioning system.  It is in fact, a heat pump employing a hermetic motor compressor in a refrigeration cycle to extract heat from the ambient air and deliver it to the circulating pool water.

As with all pool heating systems, we advise that you use a swimming pool cover ‘blanket’ when the pool is not in use; this will prevent evaporation - the greatest contributor to heat loss, to a minimum, and by doing so, reduce the overall heating costs and unwanted frustration.

It is essential that the heat pump that is installed on your swimming pool is supplied using the appropriate technical specifications for your pool size, location and individual needs.  These heat pumps are usually located next to the pool pump in a sunny area to achieve maximum results.  

They operate at a very low temperature, as low as seven degrees and maximising high temperature output.  No additional equipment is needed as your existing pool pump will circulate the water through the heat exchange unit.

Enjoy warm water this season with efficient, non-polluting energy!!

Please contact us to arrange a needs analysis with one of our heating experts.