Electronic Leak Detection


  • Same day results
  • Guess work eliminated
  • High level of accurateness
  • Cost-effective as needless work is eliminated
  • Reduced water bills due to water loss elimination
  • No trenching or digging up paving and garden to locate the leak
  • No repeated call outs and visits to monitor water loss

The knowledge of swimming pool constructions and operations are key factors in locating leaks accurately.  As swimming pool leak detection experts, we follow a systematic approach when locating pool leaks.  

The first step to any pool leak detection process happens prior to us as leak detector professionals even getting to the pool.  The customer should provide us with information via a process of questions provided on the leak detection proposal and telephonic discussions – the more information we are supplied with, the better.  This information will enable us to provide you with quite an idea of what type of leak detection will be essential, and when we can schedule the leak detection:  this goes a far way in avoiding uncalled for costs, saves time and maximizes effectiveness.

Water Evaporation

In close alliance with a range of institutions such as Department of Water Affairs, Rand Water Board, etc. we are competent to provide current evaporation estimates in order to conclude the percentage of water loss and can firmly establish whether the leak is a consequence of water evaporation or a definite leak.